12 inch Gatefold

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Because of their size and complexity gatefold sleeves have production limits that mean we can only offer quantities over 250, starting at £1488


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Please take a moment to read and fully understand the design guidelines.

The visual guides do not appear on the final print out, they are there to help with your design and to highlight any parts in the bleed area that may need to be covered.

A gatefold cover or gatefold LP is a form of packaging for LP records. A gatefold cover, when folded, is the same size as a standard LP cover (i.e. a 12½ inch, or 32.7 centimetre, square). The larger gatefold cover provided a means of including artwork, liner notes, and/or song lyrics which would otherwise not have fit on a standard record cover.

Gatefold sleeves are frequently used when an album contained more than one record. Typically double albums would feature one disc in each half of the cover, with larger albums either placing multiple LPs in one or both sleeves or using larger gatefolds. An economical alternative is an extra capacity sleeve

A 12 inch gatefold sleeve holds two discs,

Because of the production processes used the minimum quantity we can produce is 250 copies.

If you accept our quote we will provide details for uploading your artwork.

Please ensure your artwork fits the design guide exactly as we cannot make alterations to your final artwork.

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